Welcome to Dynamic Physiotherapy Sport Medicin Speciality Clinic Addis Abeba

Living with pain day after day can drain even the strongest person.

It affects your whole life preventing you from doing the things you love and making the simplest tasks difficoult.

My name is Habtom Alem, I am proffesional physiotherapist with over 22 years of experiance in helping people in Germany, to lead pain-free lives.

I offer special advice and injury treatment for proffesional athlets and privat patients.

I have successfully treated thousends of patients for a wide variety of injuries and conditions. 

I am expert in the assessing and treating of musculoskeletal pain and disorders, the physio treatment include joint and soft tissue mobilization and manipulation, as well as exercise advice and programm prescription.

I provide the highst standard of physiotherapy in Addis-Abeba ranging from assessment and diagnosis to tratment and rehabilitation.

I look forward to hear from you


Our Address:

Yeka Kefle Ketema
Ayat Mender
Zone 8-16-32
Addis Abeba

Tel: 00.251-116.470.892

Mob 0025-915.573.514

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